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Past, Present, and Future of CoinCRED


CoinCRED is an international cryptocurrency exchange. A group of programmers joined together to create a digital answer in this digital era, while the globe was battling the worldwide epidemic and searching for revolutionized financial injection. Programmers created CoinCRED and launched it as India's Premium Exchange in order to expose new-age technology, and the Crypto Industry, and to offer the finest digital trading solutions. CoinCRED is also prepared to go worldwide at this time. It was launched on 9 September 2021. It is registered under the UAE Company Act of 2015 and has secured the General Trading LLC license required to provide its services. CoinCRED is a digital wing of CitiBus Private Limited. Delivering a straightforward, secure, and user-friendly cryptocurrency trading and investing experience to users is the core goal of the CoinCRED exchange.

It has added more than 100+ well-known cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin and etc to its program for trading and investing. And also on 30 May 2022, CoinCRED launched its first Indian crypto token GANDERCoin. GANDERCoin was listed initially on three major Indian crypto exchange platforms- CoinCRED, CoinLORD, and iNDOCX. At the launching time, CoinCRED worked on B2C and D2C business models. It has improved a large user base from all over the world in a concise amount of time.


After CoinCRED's tremendous success, we immediately introduced Gyre Network, CoinCRED Pro within the span of six months. Gyre network is a native token and on the other hand, CoinCRED Pro enables you to buy and trade Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Gyre Network, aspires to transform the future of digital cash. Gyre Network, an innovative organization pushed by the potential of blockchain technology, aims to create a secure, open, and decentralized ecosystem for international financial transactions and some cool other features like Scan and Pay, crypto credit cards, gaming tokens, crypto education academy, E-commerce Platform, travel booking platforms, and elements like Referral Income, Network Income, Royal Income, Stake Income, Network Stake Income, Play and Earn, and Admin Reward Income. 

After facing many challenges, CoinCRED makes it simple for users to access the market at any time with a 24/7 trading volume of over 2 million. We also give consumers access to more than 200 cryptocurrencies, offering them a large selection of possibilities. In addition, we provide the industry's lowest transaction costs. It is a major cryptocurrency exchange that aims to link individuals with the new and emerging digital revolution. Users may utilize our digital platform to buy, sell, trade, and invest in cryptocurrencies, providing a look into the financial future. It provides a better experience and an extra layer of security and other features like KYC, security, 24*7 live chat support, fee deposit, and withdrawal. To understand better it has also some advanced features like P2P trading, spot trading, futures trading, staking trading, and derivatives trading.

Right now they are running successfully and achieving great heights in the crypto real world. It has multiple features that explain it better and

makes it easy to understand:

All of the major cryptocurrencies are supported on the platform of CoinCRED.

Both deposits and withdrawals are free of charge.

. Limiting options allows for a more comfortable trading experience when buying and selling cryptocurrencies.

. Up to 50% of the deposited amount can be borrowed against.

. CoinCRED features a robust KYC (Know Your Customer) policy that verifies consumers' identities in order to stop fraud, money laundering,

     and other criminal activities.

The platform levies transaction fees that are competitive, with the lowest starting at 0.25%.

The platform enables spot trading, enabling users to purchase and sell cryptocurrencies in real time.

Users may engage in DeFi protocols and access a variety of decentralized financial services thanks to CoinCRED's adoption of the quickly expanding decentralized finance (DeFi) sector.


In the future, CoinCRED sees itself as a trailblazing force that uses blockchain and decentralized finance (DeFi) to completely transform the financial sector. The unrelenting dedication to innovation, transparency, openness, and user empowerment at the heart of its mission has fueled the global uptake of cryptocurrencies and blockchain applications.

Gyre Network and CoinCRED Pro, two of CoinCRED's flagship initiatives, play a key role in making this vision a reality. Gyre Network will solidify its position as an innovative decentralized platform that connects diverse blockchain networks with ease. Users will enjoy seamless asset transfers and data interchange across various chains thanks to Gyre Network's cutting-edge interoperability technologies, encouraging cooperation and raising the overall effectiveness of the decentralized ecosystem. In the meanwhile, the future plan of CoinCRED Pro will remain the preferred cryptocurrency trading platform, welcoming both seasoned traders and novices.

Users of CoinCRED Pro will be able to make educated judgments and complete transactions quickly and securely thanks to real-time market analytics and cutting-edge trading tools. The platform's user-friendly design will encourage trust in bitcoin trading and encourage widespread adoption of digital assets. With an innovative technological architecture and enough liquid money to assure quick and reliable transaction processing, CoinCRED Pro has created a safe cryptocurrency trading exchange. To ensure a secure trading environment for its consumers, the exchange employs the most recent security methods. In order to provide appropriate liquidity, which is essential to delivering a flawless trading experience, CoinCRED has also formed solid connections with reliable financial institutions.

Together, CoinCRED, Gyre Network, and CoinCRED Pro will build a strong ecosystem that democratizes money and returns financial power to people and companies. The world's interaction with cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology

will be revolutionized by this interconnected network, which will open up many prospects.

As CoinCRED continues to lead innovation, it aspires to reinvent the future of finance by cultivating a worldwide community that embraces the revolutionary potential of blockchain and envisions a world where financial services are open, safe, and equitable for all.

By-Manmeet Kaur 


CoinCRED is safe and simple to create a strong portfolio

With new opportunities, events, giveaways, new coin launches, and many more on CoinCRED.

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