5 Different Types of Crypto Trading Strategies: Pick the right one for you?

Cryptocurrency crypto trading strategy is a complex subject, and the markets have been extremely volatile. My goal in this article is to introduce you to five different types of trading strategies and give you a basic understanding of what each strategy looks for in an altcoin. By the end of this article, you'll hopefully have a better idea on how to narrow down which strategy is best for your needs.

A crypto trading strategy is not just about finding the right crypto-trading exchange platform. It is also essential to find a method that you can follow and stick to. This guide will introduce you to several different types of strategies and help you choose the best strategy for yourself.

Crypto trading is a peculiar thing. You have to master the art of both strategy and style to be successful in crypto. The right crypto trading strategy can help you maximise your profits and minimise your losses, while the wrong one might push you towards financial ruin.

According to a recent news article, nearly 10 crore Indians are cryptocurrency owners. The number could very well increase throughout this holiday season.

But cryptocurrency trading is just as risky and dangerous as investing in stocks and commodities. Market fans must create techniques that can make trading exciting and secure at the same time in order to gain the long-term rewards of crypto assets. Let's start by going over some strategies that could lead to favourable results for you.

Day Trading

It is one of the crucial crypto trading strategy wherein Positions are opened and cancelled using this trading technique on the same day. A trader's objective while making such a trade is to profit from intraday price swings in the cryptocurrency of his choice. Traders use technical analysis to decide when to start and quit a trade for a specific cryptocurrency.


In this trading strategy, high trading volume is used to enhance earnings. Although there is risk, an intelligent trader follows the margin requirement and other important rules to avoid undesirable trading consequences. Before deciding on an entry and exit point within a day, scalpers look at the cryptocurrency asset, current data, and volume.

Range Trading

In this crypto trading strategy Market players often look to experienced professionals for support and resistance levels on a regular basis. Since "resistance" defines the upper bound at which the value may rise, a resistance level is a price that is higher than the current price. A "Support" level is always lower than the current price since it represents a point below which a cryptocurrency price is not anticipated to fall.

Trend Based Trading

In order to predict price increases, trend-based trading uses market signals and macroeconomic trends. For example, the price of a new Metaverse token based on a game may rise if the game has a rush in downloads and a steady increase in user base over time. Trend-based trading needs a trader to remain attentive to regular market events.

Swing Trading

It takes more than a day to keep open positions when using a swing trading as an crypto trading strategy method for cryptocurrencies. The duration can occasionally reach a few days or weeks. With this approach, traders can profit from short- and medium-term price changes and market swings.

Swing traders in the cryptocurrency market focus more on the hourly to daily price charts while trading. They frequently analyse market patterns on the 4-hour to 24-hour charts before switching to shorter time frames to execute at the optimum price. The summary of intraday price movement can be shown on the daily chart as well. A bullish candlestick will show that the market was in an uptrend the entire day, for instance, if a cryptocurrency increases from its low to the end of the day.

How to choose a Crypto trading strategy for yourself?

The most important crypto trading strategy is primary research. You do not need to be a skilled trader to conduct initial research on the value of the object you wish to purchase. This requires keeping up with all news involving the cryptocurrency industry. This is made easier by CoinCRED, which compiles all the news articles you need to read before starting your day..

Before investing in an unstable asset class like cryptocurrencies, you should also evaluate your financial circumstances and formulate an investment strategy.

One should assess themselves initially before selecting any trading strategies. You can choose a better trading strategy after considering a number of elements, including psychology, mentality, patience, your aims, and others, that determine the best trading strategy for you.

There's no best strategy. Your trading strategy should be based solely on your risk tolerance, time-frame and emotional stability. You must have a clear understanding of what you're trying to accomplish, and develop strategies to obtain those objectives. At BullWealth Traders we don't advocate any one particular strategy. 


It may seem overwhelming to think about all the different crypto trading strategies out there, but don't fret. The best way to approach it is by first identifying which type of trader you are and then researching different strategies that fit your needs. The more you know, the smarter your choice will be when it comes to deciding on a trading style.

Hopefully, now you've been given a full rundown of the process for picking out your own ideal trading strategy. Remember that every strategy has its own advantages and disadvantages as well so consider how much time you can afford to spend on analysing the market, what fits with your trading style and make sure you completely understand the risks involved beforehand.

By Akhilesh Kumar Yadav

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