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Top Trustworthy And Cheapest Cryptocurrencies For Investment

We all know the fundamentals of economics; our strategized and risk-calculated investment tends to bring more wealth than our savings. Therefore we all have more inclination to different set markets like the stocks, equity market, Real Estate, and Bond market for investment. These are the traditional investment markets; nowadays, there is an emergence of a new trendy tech market that is being the favourite of all traders and investors, the “Crypto market.”

The crypto market is touted as a great option from an investor’s perspective, as it can book profit faster than other investment markets. The adaptability and acceptability of the crypto market is more as compared to traditional equity and stocks markets.

Let us know some good investments that are the best and most viable crypto market options.

Gander Coin

The Gander Coin(GAND) is the most bankable cryptocurrency in the market. Its performance has been outstanding. This cryptocurrency helps to conduct P2P financial transactions. It is the First Indian crypto coin project headed by female entrepreneurs Subi Ansari and Shaik Ayesha. This Cryptocurrency is a favourite coin for some investors as it has brought good returns. The coin, which has not been a year old, has brought approximately 900 percent of return; the initial price at which the coin was launched was Rs 10 and the highest price was Rs 100.

Lite Coin

The cryptocurrency was launched under the ticker symbol LTC; this cryptocurrency is the first altcoin that was hard forked from the bitcoin blockchain technology. It has been performing well since its inception. It holds such a reputation in the market that the project is in a business agreement with UFC(Ultimate Fighting Championship). It is said that litecoin, like bitcoin, sets or leads the path of price predictions of the altcoins. Every trader sees the price of litecoin whether they hold litecoin or not.


It is one kind of crypto project which offers solutions to blockchain trilemma. It offers scalability and interoperability for all the existing blockchains; through this, they can connect. It is available in the market with the ticker symbol DOT. One of the founders of Polkadot, Gavin Wood, is regarded for creating language solidity used for smart contracts. It is also another wise investment in the crypto market. Like Ethereum through Polkadot, we can make Dapps and deploy smart contracts.


The unique selling point of ripple is its use case. The cryptocurrency aims to unleash global digital scalability and lower transaction costs related to international fund transfers between financial institutions. The crypto project uses XRP as its ticker. It also uses the XRP ledger consensus protocol, which is its own unique set of consensus mechanism. It is touted as a great crypto project which has great utility.


Chain Link is one of the first blockchains to support and incorporate off-chain data into smart contracts using an Oracle network. Blockchains may securely link to external data and transactions because of this. Experts anticipate an upward trend for this cryptocurrency due to its uses, as Chainlink's technology is essential for developing smart contracts. It can become a significant investment to earn passive income.

It is a token based on ERC-20. It is the native token of Polygon Technology. Polygon technology is regarded as "Ethereum's internet of blockchains."The polygon technology operates using the Ethereum blockchain and connects Ethereum-based projects. The technology is a solution to the blockchain trilemma; it increases a blockchain project's flexibility, scalability, and sovereignty. Since polygon technology is widely popular and has excellent potential, the matic token is a good investment. 


All such cryptocurrencies are regarded as reasonable investments. It is a trustworthy and pocket-friendly cryptocurrencies. Although it is tacit that all crypto investments are subject to market risks and people should invest by conducting thorough research, DYOR(Do your own research).

The crypto investor should always invest, keeping and calculating their risk appetite in mind. The crypto market brings excellent returns but comes with high risks.

These are a few selected crypto projects which have great potential and can bring good returns of investment. The crypto market is still in the nascent stage; it still needs to accommodate more and more individuals. The whole cryptocurrency market and web3 industry is slowly and gradually growing at a great scale. Since the market is growing, the returns for investors will also increase. We are surely going to witness a great revolution technologically, and through our investment in such a project, we can have financial growth.

By Manish Makkar


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