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Top 3 crypto games- where to play?

A new era of games has emerged. Because of the use of blockchain technology and smart contracts, many types of games are born. You can play these games using a smartphone or computer. Blockchain is the future. But for most people, it's hard to grasp because the technology is so new. 

There are many game industries being built on the blockchain now, and you don't even need to own a console or a PC to play them. A new movement is taking place. An opportunity for those who are looking to invest in the gaming industry. Take advantage of a growing market and be part of the next generation of gaming.

Are you aware that most of the high-quality blockchain-based games are powered by Ethereum and Bitcoin? The availability of these coins and their utility in gaming industries are what brings interesting opportunities for the launching of more play-worthy games.

Crypto games have been around for a while and there is a large community of players. However, the danger in gambling with your hard earned money is for us to rush into this with little knowledge of how it all works.

What is Decentralised Gaming?

As most people are aware, gaming is a centralised activity, with all assets, in-game money, and avatars generated exclusively for the game itself. Because of this, no one is allowed to make a different version of the game, and the game developers retain ownership of everything.

The traditional idea of gaming is thrown on its head by cryptocurrencies, allowing anybody to acquire a small stake in the game. Imagine being able to transfer earnings or purchases made in one game to another or owning the in-app purchases you make while playing.

Cryptographic gaming assets don't reside on a centralised server, in contrast to traditional gaming. Instead, the XP, weapons, and skins you earn while playing crypto games are yours to keep. When you finish playing a game, you don't have to lose all of your in-game possessions; instead, you can trade, sell, or take them with you.

In blockchain gaming, players and developers are on the same team. Nobody decides how the game will turn out, and anybody can look through the code that most blockchain-based games employ. Due to this transparency, the game can be divided into various versions if a developer adds an update that the community disapproves of.

Requirements: Crypto games

Getting started with crypto gaming is really easy. You only require:

     A digital wallet (Crypto Wallet) 

     A profile on any cryptocurrency-accepting gaming platform 

     A gaming platform-conducive gadget, such as a computer, tablet, or smartphone

Setting up the wallet and the gaming account is simple and uncomplicated for an experienced online user. You can find a number of videos online to help you. The only challenge may come from your choice of gaming system because some games necessitate strong PCs to run smoothly. Additionally, if your smartphone is more than a year or two old, your wonderful gaming experience may be compromised.

Top 3 crypto games

Since cryptogames are still in their infancy, it is challenging to categorise them. However, to give you a sense of what's available, here are a few instances.

Collectible Games

Collectible games are the foundation of the blockchain and cryptocurrency gaming industry.The most well-known game in this category is called CryptoKitties. In this game, players grow, collect, and trade digital pets in an online setting. Pokemon-like, but with CryptoKitties as the main character.

Role-playing games

Players in these games directly command characters as they engage in on-screen battle. The gameplay is similar to shooter or hack-and-slash games. Playing these games will earn you NFTs and cryptocurrency incentives. Blockchain-based role-playing games are not widely available.

   Open World Games

Explorable environments created with crypto-based assets are what open-world cryptocurrency games are all about. In these games, you can invest real money in purchasing land parcels and customising it with animals, flora, buildings, and more. You could even choose to sell your land to someone else for cash.

The variety of cryptocurrency games is expanding. Additionally, these games are evolving. The most well-liked crypto games available right now are listed below if you're interested in giving them a try.

     Axie Infinity


     A Sandbox

     The Six Dragons


So, Is Crypto Gaming worth Playing?

Setting the scene will be necessary to respond to this question. If you're a serious gamer, you've definitely spent money to unlock more in-game features and capabilities. The only drawback to this is that there is no hope or prospect of getting your investment back.

Of course, you'll have fun playing the game and enjoying the amusement it provides. You can also invest money in cryptocurrencies on the Ethereum blockchain when you play crypto games. The key distinction is that you may now profit from your cryptogame while having fun.Simply defined, traditional video games are pay-to-play while crypto games are play-to-earn.

A key differentiator is the earning potential. Therefore, would it not make more sense to choose games that have a chance of returning your money if you have to pay to play them? You now know whether playing cryptocurrency games is worthwhile or not.

Final Comment

Every other week, dozens of new cryptogames are released. Sifting through the enormous collections can occasionally be a very taxing and difficult process. There is also the issue of dishonest developers who try to trick naive players into buying NFT games that never existed.

So picking a cryptocurrency game to invest in might be really difficult. Researching deeply is the greatest way to identify a reliable NFT-based game to invest in.Even though this cannot guarantee that a game is 100 percent real, it will greatly lower your likelihood of falling victim to fraud.

Crypto games are developed using blockchain technology, which stores information on unique assets that players entirely own. By using cryptocurrency gambling in this way, users actually gain.

What do you think about cryptocurrency gaming? Do you enjoy playing games where you can make money?

By- Akhilesh Kumar Yadav


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