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Crypto wallet & Exchange: Difference between them?

The term wallet redirects our minds to a piece of thing that holds our money, cards and valuable items secure that we can carry to places. In the same way, Cryptocurrencies can also be stored in wallets by the users. But what makes it different is that to store currency there is only a hardware wallet but to store cryptocurrency there are varieties of wallets which will be explained later in the blog.

What are crypto wallets and crypto exchange?

Crypto Wallets

Cryptocurrency wallets store users have public and private keys, providing users with an easy-to-use interface that manages the crypto balances. They support cryptocurrency transfers with the support of blockchain. Wallets also allow users to perform certain actions with crypto assets, like buying and selling or interacting with decentralised applications.

It is very crucial to remember that cryptocurrency transactions do not represent a sending of crypto tokens through a person's phone to any other individual’s phone. When sending a token any user's private key signs the transaction that broadcasts it to the blockchain network. The network includes the transaction which reflects the updated balance in the address of both the parties which are senders and receivers.
Crypto Exchange Cryptocurrency exchanges are online platforms that are been hosted by companies or other institutions which makes it easy for users to either purchase or sell cryptocurrency. To make it mainstream, technicalities were reduced on priority so that people could gain interest and understand it by owning and making transactions in crypto. It works somewhere same as the broker where it gives you the tools that help you to trade, buy, and sell in cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency exchanges make it easy to buy and sell currencies with low fees and strong security features. It is crucial to use a reputable and regulated exchange as it gives you double assurance and safety. With it, research is also important as to know about accounts, wallets, key storage, security, features, and user satisfaction. 

Difference Between Crypto Wallet & Crypto Exchange

The two terms sound similar but are different. The difference lies in their properties of function. Crypto exchanges support the buying, selling, and trading of cryptocurrency while crypto wallets are designed for storing and managing users' digital assets.

In terms of security, crypto wallets normally offer a higher level of protection which is compared with the exchanges. The exchange holds user's funds and private keys are vulnerable to thefts and hacks. Wallets which are especially hardware wallets, provide a secure option as they allow users to store their private keys offline which helps in reducing the risk of any unauthorised access.  

One other difference between wallets and exchanges is the level of control that users have over their funds. The crypto wallet users have full control over their private keys and therefore their digital assets too. On the other side, using a centralized exchange, users can entrust their funds to the platform, which might lead to an issue if any exchange suffers a security breach or downtime.  

How to Create a Crypto Wallet 

How to Make a Software Crypto Wallet in a Few Easy Steps Anyone wishing to trade or manage cryptocurrency assets must create a software wallet. We will go over the procedures needed to set up a software cryptocurrency wallet in this section. This is how it operates. Step 1: First, choose a software wallet application. Choose a trustworthy wallet provider as the first step in setting up a software cryptocurrency wallet. Before choosing a wallet, it is crucial to do extensive research because there are numerous wallet options on the market, each with distinct features and security protocols. Electrum, Trust Wallet, and Exodus are a few of the top software wallets on the market.

Step 2: Install the wallet app on your computer or phone. After deciding on a good software wallet, install the application on your computer or phone. You can get to your cryptocurrency assets any time you need to by installing a wallet app on your device. To prevent obtaining malicious software that could jeopardize your security, make sure you download the app from the official app store or the website of the wallet provider.

Step 3: Set up a profile. Next, register for an account by providing a username, an email address, and a secure password, among other details. Some wallet apps might also ask you to submit a selfie and a government-issued ID as part of an identity verification process.

Step 4: Give your possessions away. The next step is to move funds into your software cryptocurrency wallet after you have created it and configured your account. Assets can be transferred in several ways, such as receiving money from another wallet, exchanging cryptocurrency, or depositing money from a bank account. The majority of software wallets let you transfer different assets because they support multiple cryptocurrencies. You must get the wallet address and send the assets to your wallet using it to fund it. Additionally, some wallets allow for the scanning of QR codes to speed up the transfer.

Benefits of Crypto Wallet and Exchange

Benefits of Crypto Wallet

Consultation Fee: The owner of a crypto wallet can earn a certain amount of commission by offering their consultation services. One can assist users and help them which will also generate income for themselves.
User Authentication: It is one crucial benefit as users' safety is a platform priority and user authentication helps them to be away from fraud or any scams.
Accessibility: It is the design of products, devices, services, and vehicles that are used by people with disabilities. This concept of accessible design and practice of development ensures direct and indirect access. Benefits of Crypto Exchange Cost-effective transaction: It can help transfer funds globally. The transaction cost with the help of cryptocurrency will be minimal.  Diversification: A cryptocurrency can offer investors diversification from traditional financial assets which are stocks and bonds Transparency: The transactions are anonymous. The data recorded on a public ledger of cryptocurrency are visible which can be seen but no changes can be made. It is not hackable and once the information is stored it cannot be changed.


It is very easy that if you are buying a crypto exchange, it is immediately stored in your exchange-hosted wallet as the exchange platform controls your private keys. On the other hand, you can buy, sell, trade, and withdraw your cryptocurrency. It is somewhere balancing your security with flexibility.



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