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How to Invest In Cryptocurrency in India?


Cryptocurrencies have been in use for over the past 10 years. Recently cryptocurrencies in India have gained recognition and popularity and have more than 100 million investors. Indians, particularly the younger generation, invest in cryptocurrencies. Because of the huge profits in the past, Investors are putting a portion of their money into cryptocurrencies to generate big profits quickly. 

Cryptocurrency is slowly gaining popularity among the Indians in terms of investment and trading opportunities. But before investing in cryptocurrencies it's important to understand that cryptocurrency is very volatile. There are hundreds of Indian cryptocurrencies present in the market. So before investing in cryptocurrencies in India, read the full blog to have the detailed information, features and nature of cryptocurrencies.

What to Know About Before Investing in cryptocurrency?

Before entering the market, beginners should study and consider some cryptocurrency-related factors, starting with its extreme volatility. Investing in cryptocurrencies is unlikely to slow down anytime soon, despite investors' concerns over the market's volatility. Following are some of the key points before investing in cryptocurrencies:

  • Cryptocurrency is unregulated and decentralised

Cryptocurrencies are decentralized and uncontrolled. These are some of the most alluring features of the cryptocurrency market, but they are also some of the riskiest. The lack of appropriate regulation and supervision over cryptocurrencies by centralized authorities makes scams and fraud more likely.

  • Extremely volatile

The severe volatility of large-scale, reliable investments such as Bitcoin and Ethereum has resulted in large losses of value. Nonetheless, investors continue to lack knowledge about how to manage volatility so they can meet their objectives without suffering enormous funding losses.

  • Diversification

Don't invest all of your money in just one cryptocurrency. To spread the risk of your investment, diversify it among several cryptocurrencies. Diversification helps lessen possible losses, and each cryptocurrency has its distinct qualities.

  • Market Research

Keep yourself updated on the state of the digital currency market. Read whitepapers and public releases from projects that interest you, participate in cryptocurrency groups, and keep up with reputable news sources.

  • Security concerns

Owning cryptocurrency requires strict security procedures. Employ secure passwords, turn on two-factor authentication (2FA), and think about storing your money in hardware wallets. Watch out for fake websites and phishing scams.

  • Long term vs short-term investment

Identify your time frame and investing goals. Choose if you want to trade short-term or hold for the long-term. Each method has benefits and drawbacks of its own. 

  • Choose the right crypto exchange 

To manage their cryptocurrency cash and investments, investors must seek out reliable wallet services and exchanges. Many cryptocurrency exchanges and wallet services have emerged in response to the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies; however, investors may find it difficult to select the best one.

How to Invest in Cryptocurrency in India?

Knowing where to purchase and store it is important. An increasing number of exchanges that resemble traditional trading platforms are available, making cryptocurrency investing increasingly more accessible daily. However, it could be a good idea to research a specific currency before investing, just like you would with any other asset.

  • Select the exchange or platform for cryptocurrencies.

  • To establish an account, present identity verification.

  • Finish the KYC process.

  • Create a cryptocurrency wallet after you sign up, where the platform will store all of the coins or tokens you win.

  • Link the digital wallet on the Bitcoin site to your bank account. It will be simpler as a result to add money to your wallet for purchases and take it out for deals.

  • Once you have funds in your digital wallet, you can place an order to purchase any cryptocurrency that is listed on the marketplace. Money will be taken out of your wallet right away, depending on the value of the order.

  • Following the transaction, all of the coins and tokens you have purchased will be visible in your wallet.

How to Buy Cryptocurrency From an Exchange Platform?

To buy any cryptocurrency in India from an exchange platform, follow these steps:

  • Research and choose a reliable exchange

Seek out trustworthy exchanges that deal with a strong, well-established track record. Examine their costs, security protocols, and cryptocurrency offerings.

  • Create an account

Register on the selected exchange by entering your email address, setting a password, and carrying out the required verification steps (identification verification, for example).

  • Secure your account

Turn on two-factor authentication (2FA) to give your account an additional security measure. This will lessen the possibility of illegal access to your money.

  • Deposit Funds

Using a desired payment method, such as a credit/debit card, bank transfer, or cryptocurrency transfer from another wallet, deposit money into your exchange account.

  • Choose the cryptocurrency

After your money is deposited, choose the cryptocurrency you wish to purchase. Examine and comprehend the principles, applications, and growth prospects of the particular cryptocurrency.

  • Place an order

Market orders and limit orders are the two main categories of orders. A limit order enables you to specify the exact price at which you wish to purchase the cryptocurrency, whereas a market order purchases it at the going rate. Select the order type that best meets your needs.

  • Review and confirm

Verify your order information, including the quantity of bitcoin you're purchasing and the total cost—which includes any transaction fees—before completing the purchase.

  • Store your cryptocurrency

For extra security, think about moving your cryptocurrency to a safe digital wallet after the transaction is over. In particular, hardware wallets are advised for long-term storage.

  • Stay informed

Stay informed about the most recent events and advancements in the crypto space. Because prices are subject to extreme fluctuations, knowing will enable you to make wiser investing choices.


There are no rules or regulations governing the framework, there are numerous frauds and hacks. But because of contemporary cryptocurrency platforms Investing in cryptocurrency and making money is now safer and easier. However, caution is advised, and you should only invest money that you can afford to lose.

Written By- Manmeet kaur


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